SCAPES takes an abstract perspective, observing the cycles of nature that inevitably direct all life forms. This series contemplates the specific transformative forces of creation and growth and their counterparts, destruction and erosion. Organic and dark in character, SCAPES conveys the sense of the raw, unalterable power of nature - its splendor, its force, and its sheer magnitude.

SCAPES began as large relief sculptures carved from layered polychrome plywood and has evolved to include two series of drawings, one made using frottage printmaking techniques, and the other, most current series, made using water-based ink medium on petroleum-based paper.

The original SCAPES series depicted imagined, abstracted landscapes; recently, the focus has shifted to an exploration of Oklahoma’s unique ecosystems, specifically depicting the diverse visual landscapes the state has to offer. The most recent series of SCAPES, currently operating under the title OKecoSCAPES, evolved naturally from the visual themes of the pieces I have been creating for the past several years. All of these works are influenced by forces of nature, contemplated through experiential art making, and resulting in raw and organic finished drawings and carvings.